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                • EN
                • 2019
                  The commencement ceremony of the Jiangxi Production Base Project of Guangzhou Shincci Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. was launched;;        
                  Won the China Water Network "2018-2019 annual value of environmental protection equipment brand";          
                  Formally established the Dehumidification Heat Pump Division;        


                • 2018
                        Multiple-effect Heat Recovery for Low Temperature Evaporating Technology marking the Era of Low Temperature Sludge Drying 5.0 ;      
                         The winner of Environment Prize for “Excellent Enterprise of Sludge Treatment”;      
                         Top 10 Brand of IFAT China;        

                • 2017

                  SHINCCI’s Beijing Subsidiary Company and Zhejiang Subsidiary Company founded;

                  SHINCCI started its third Research and Production Base, making SHINCCI as the Top 5 Large-scale Enterprises in the global industry of Low Temperature Sludge Drying.

                • 2016-2015
                  SHINCCI’s Quadruple-effect Dehumidification Heat Pump awarded with National Patent;    
                  SHINCCI awarded as Vice-president Unit of China Association of Environmental Protection Industry, and awarded as Leading Enterprise in the China Sludge Industry;    
                  SHINCCI approved with certificates of IS9001 and CE;    
                  SHINCCI’s Low Temperature Sludge Dryer awarded with National Patent and Hi-tech Product;    
                  SHINCCI’s Jiujiang Branch Company and Jiangsu Subsidiary Company founded.      

                • 2014-2013
                  SHINCCI awarded as National Hi-tech Enterprise;    
                  SHINCCI’s Swimming Pool Dehumidification Heat Pump, Tobacco Dehumidification Heat Pump and Sludge Dehumidification Dryer awarded with High-tech Product.  

                • 2011-2010
                  SHINCCI made its first Triple-effect Dehumidification Heat Pump, awarded with National Patent;    
                  SHINCCI’s first Low Temperature Belt-type Sludge Dryer put into use.    


                • 2004-2007

                  SHINCCI made its first Heat Pump Unit and Double-effect Dehumidification Heat Pump, awarded with National Patent.    

                • 2003
                  SHINCCI started building its first research and Production Base in Guangzhou.    
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