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                • EN
                Always quick response to any requirement from customers sincerely and professionally, providing comprehensive services covering Pre-sale & In-sale & After-sale.
                Term of Service

                From “Requirement of Customer” to “Satisfaction of Customer”, this is the way of SHINCCI regarding Term of Service.

                Pre-sale: Create specific profile with detailed record on each customer, provide the optimized solution based on a professional study of the onsite situation and related data from customers.

                In-sale: From Production, Installation to Commissioning, we insist on high quality and full responsibility in each detail to make sure that our Drying System working well to meet and even exceed the expectation of customers. Moreover, a professional onsite training course will be provided to customers so that they can run the Drying System properly by themselves. 

                After-sale: Warranty: 12 months after commissioning but no later than 15 months after delivery. And SHINCCI provides favorable service after warranty expiring date for the whole product life, only charging reasonable cost of replaced parts, transportation and accommodation of technicians who go to the onsite project to solve the problem.
                Service Center

                Contact: Kelvin Zhou

                Tel: +86 20 37320835-8001

                Mobile: +86 136 0045 1609

                Email: kelvin.zhou@shincci.com


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